IT Directorship™

The IT Directorship™ provides small to medium-sized businesses access to executive technology leadership along with a dedicated IT management team, but on a part-time basis. This subscription-based service includes total IT leadership, complete oversight of your IT program and IT projects in addition to day-to-day operations management. Our integrated team of business and technology specialists take ownership of IT for your company, working together to lead, govern, and manage a successful IT strategy. With the IT Directorship™, your business can achieve it's goals while optimizing risk and integrating security policies and process for long-term strategic results.

Total IT Leadership

Through the IT Directorship™, your business gets complete IT leadership and strategic oversight. We align your business goals with IT goals to direct and manage a successful IT program for your business. Our strategic leadership tasks and objectives include:

Planning and communicating an IT roadmap and IT goals to business executives

Establishing and managing your IT budget

Ensuring transparency and approval of IT related costs

Integrating and standardizing IT policy & process best practices

Optimizing stakeholder risk and resources

Ensuring benefits are realized by stakeholders



IT Project & Program Management

Keep your IT projects on track. With the IT Directorship program, your projects will be managed in a coordinated way to ensure benefits realization and to reduce the risk of unexpected delays, costs and value erosion. Our IT project & program management tasks and objectives include:

Creating optimal solutions that meet business goals while minimizing risk

Continually identifing, assessing, and reducing IT-related risk as well as information security and operations issues

Ensuring technology architecture is manageable, scalable, and secure

Ensuring that IT supplier performance and service levels meet short and long-term business needs

Enabling the efficient and effective use of IT-related resources

Providing transparency into the cost of IT and accountability into it's business value


Site IT Operations Management

Our client site manager aligns Minimize downtime and ensure you receive the best IT performance possible for your day-to-day business operations. By coordinating and executing on IT-related activities and operational procedures, the IT Directorship™ ensures your IT environment runs smoothly. Our IT operations management tasks and objectives include:

Managing IT assets throughout their life cycle and ensuring protection of key IT infrastructure

Delivering IT service outcomes and ensuring service performance is aligned with business priorities and demands

Minimizing downtime, improving service levels, reducing cost, and improving end user experience

Enabling fast and reliable delivery of IT-related changes while mitigating the risk of negatively impacting data stability and integrity

Minimizing information security vulnerabilities, incidents, and privacy issues

Establishing, maintaining and monitoring backup to ensure continuation of critical business operations in the case of a disaster